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Funded Research Opportunities

The world has never had so many computers, and yet we continue to grow and grow their number. All around us, we are digitizing everything, our phones, our cars, our houses and our healthcare. We are connecting and automating everything - smart grids and smart cities, intelligent transportation systems and industrial informatics. 

But with all this increased capability also comes increased risk: in particular, the risk of cyberattack. How do we protect our information, our equipment, and our way of life?

These are the questions that I and my students seek to answer at UNSW Sydney, with active research looking into the following topics:

My supervision style tends to work well for self-directed and self-motivated students keen on taking ownership of their own research agenda. I want you to work on what you're passionate about!

So if you’re looking for funded opportunities in graduate research and these topic areas sounds interesting to you, please reach out to me!

I'm at hammond [dot] pearce AT unsw [dot] edu [dot] au

It would be great to have you join us in sunny Sydney, Australia!

Collaborative partners

Studying with me and my students will expose you to researchers from all over the world! My major partners include (but are not limited to!):

Past and current students:

Judy Chang (NYU, Masters)
- Supervisor

Prithwish Basu Roy (NYU, Ph.D.)
- Advisor

Jason Blocklove (NYU, Ph.D.)
- Advisor

Ellen Hui (NYU, Masters)
- Advisor

Mudit Bhargava
- Advisor

Zhenxing Fan (NYU, Masters)
- Supervisor

Baleegh Ahmad (NYU, Ph.D.)
- Advisor

Xin (Jeremy) Yang (UoA, Masters)
- Supervisor